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Alaeddini, Jamshid PhD, Reviewer

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Editors: Wilbert S. Aronow; Jerome L. Fleg

Bibliographic Data: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2004. ISBN: 0-8247-4769-0, Series Title: Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology, v. 48, 847 pp, hard cover, $195.00.

Reviewer’s Expert Opinion:

Description: The third edition of this book offers a merger of the two medical disciplines of cardiology and geriatrics. It presents the latest evidence-based advances in the understanding of the basic mechanisms of aging, assessment, and treatment of cardiovascular disease in the elderly. Purpose: An estimated 75 million Americans will be over 65 years old by 2040. As patients cared for by the physicians become elderly, a comprehensive textbook about cardiovascular disease in this population that provides expert opinion based on the latest studies is greatly needed. The purpose of this book is to provide a vehicle for physicians providing care for elderly patients with cardiovascular disease. The book succeeds in this mission. Audience: The primary audiences for this book are cardiology fellows, practicing cardiologists, and geriatric specialists. However, other physicians who provide care to elderly patients in their practice and wish to keep up with the latest cardiovascular evidence-based medicine will find this book an excellent reference. Features: The book is composed of eight sections. The first section discusses the changes in cardiovascular system with aging. The next two sections provide a comprehensive review of coronary artery disease and its risk factors in the elderly. The subsequent sections discuss valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, and cerebrovascular disease and syncope in the elderly. The final section is dedicated to miscellaneous topics in treating the elderly including anticoagulation, pulmonary embolism, and ethics. Some chapters have many excellent graphs adapted from the major clinical trials. The quality of color images is acceptable. Assessment: The authors succeed in providing one of the most comprehensive textbooks of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. This book is an essential part of the library of every cardiology fellow or clinician who wishes to provide the latest evidence-based care for elderly patients.

Jamshid Alaeddini, MD, Reviewer

(Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

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