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Trauma, 5th Edition

Dries, David J. MD, Reviewer

Section Editor(s): Dries, David J. Book Review Editor

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Trauma, 5th Edition Editors: Ernest E. Moore, MD; David V. Feliciano, MD; Kenneth L. Mattox, MD Bibliographic Data: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2004. ISBN: 0-07-137069-2, 1470 pp, hard cover, $185.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:


This is the 5th edition of the worldwide standard reference in the management of injured patients.


A comprehensive overview on the epidemiology, management, critical care and follow-up of injury is provided.


Trainees, fellows and teachers with an interest in injury are an appropriate audience for this work. Authors represent the trauma community in North America and Western Europe. Virtually every leader in the trauma community is represented in some way via contribution in this work.


The book is first divided in a traditional manner into overview with general concepts, resuscitation, specific injury management, complicating factors including environment and illicit substance use, and critical care. Chapters are well written and ample use is made of tables and line drawings. While the tables reproduce well, the line drawings are of inconsistent quality. The same can be said for photographs. The chapter describing new radiologic techniques, however, provides excellent insight into the quality of new generation CT reconstructions. Each chapter contains an excellent reference list with primary work dating to within three years of publication. The table of contents divides chapters into major subheadings and gives authorship. An extensive index with separate citations for figures and tables concludes the book.


This book remains the standard in the field. Although I was disappointed with editorial inconsistencies, including the pattern of reference citation and quality of illustrations, this remains the best of a group of recent works in this field (Combat Medicine: Basic and Clinical Research in Military, Trauma, and Emergency Medicine, Tsokos and Atkins, Humana Press, 2003, and Trauma, Sherry et al., Oxford University Press, 2003). The updated review of military considerations and terrorism with weapons of mass destruction is an excellent addition.

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