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Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine, 5th Edition

Dries, David J. MD, Reviewer

Section Editor(s): Dries, David J. Book Review Editor

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Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine, 5th Edition

Editors: Richard S. Irwin, MD; James M. Rippe, MD Bibliographic Data: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2003. ISBN: 0-7817-3548-3, 2368 pp, hard cover, $199.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:


This is the fifth edition of a comprehensive textbook of multidisciplinary critical care management for the adult patient.


Conditions requiring specialized adult multidisciplinary medical and surgical critical care are described. The focus is clinical management with less emphasis on elements of basic history and physical examination.


Fellows, residents, and staff level practitioners in critical care are a worthy audience for this book. Consistent with previous editions, authorship is heavily weighted toward East Coast programs and the University of Massachusetts in particular.


The first of the book's over 200 chapters describe common procedures and techniques used in critical care management including hemodynamic monitoring and various invasive devices. Subsequent chapters deal with organ system support beginning with cardiopulmonary issues and continuing with renal, gastrointestinal, infectious, endocrine and hematologic problems. Later, resuscitation and concerns specific to surgical patients including injury and transplantation are reviewed. Concluding chapters describe social issues and relevant psychiatry. Chapters are clearly written and maintain a consistent style. Texture of type divides major subheadings and tables are abundantly employed. Illustrations include black-and-white line drawings, which reproduce well, and scattered radiographs, which also are of good quality. The color plates from the fourth edition are not included and there is an inconsistent quality to the black-and-white clinical photos. Early pages give ample credit to section editors and authors and divide chapters into content sections. The extensive index includes separate citations for figures and tables.


This remains one of the standards in the field. Some chapters have been significantly updated and references date to within two years of publication. Unfortunately, other chapters have not changed at all. A strength is the material on critical care pharmacology including overdose and poisoning.

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