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Prehospital Trauma Care

Dries, David J. MSE, MD, Reviewer

Section Editor(s): Dries, David J. Book Review Editor

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Prehospital Trauma Care Editors: Eldar Soreide, MD, PhD; Christopher M. Grande, MD, MPH Bibliographic Data: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2001. ISBN: 0-8247-0537-8, 806 pp, hard cover, $195.00.

Reviewer's Expert Opinion:


This prehospital trauma care book is written under the auspices of the international anesthesia community treating injury.


A broad perspective is provided on the conduct of initial management of patients sustaining various types of trauma.


The practitioner or senior trainee providing management of the trauma victim is an appropriate audience for this work. Those in other disciplines, including paramedics and nurses involved in this undertaking, may benefit from some of the discussion.


The 40 chapters are organized into four parts beginning with general prehospital care and continuing through triage considerations, special trauma problems, and initial surgical management. Chapters are clearly written with subtopics divided by texture of type. Each chapter includes a substantial reference list with citations representing original work dating to within two years of publication. Tables are used effectively, but line drawings and black-and-white photographs reproduce with inconsistent quality. The table of contents divides chapters into type of content and gives indication of authorship. A subject index of approximately 25 pages concludes.


This book represents the finest work to date by the International Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Society. The more comprehensive and effective chapters tend to include senior contributors from both sides of the Atlantic. Where contributors come from only one continent, reference material is often limited to the literature of that region. This book compliments Ferrera et al.'s Trauma Management: An Emergency Medicine Approach (Mosby, 2001) recently produced in the United States.

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