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Mitsuhata Hiromasa; Saitoh, Jin; Takeuchi, Haruhiko; Hasome, Naoki; Horiguchi, Yuji; Shimizu, Reiju
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To verify production of nitric oxide (NO) in anaphylaxis, we measured NO in peripheral tissue in anaphylactic rabbits using an NO-sensitive electrode. Rabbits were sensitized to horse serum, which was later administered over 10 s into the systemic circulation to induce anaphylaxis. Blood pressure (BP), central venous pressure (CVP), heart rate, and NO were recorded continuously for 80 min after antigen challenge. The NO-sensitive electrode was placed between the superficial abdominal fascia and the rectus abdominis fascia. The NO concentration increased to 3000–4800 pA (about 3–4.8 μM NO) within 4 min after initiation of anaphylaxis, at which time BP was decreased and CVP increased; however, NO production was continuously observed 30–60 min after antigen challenge, during which time changes in BP and CVP were not correlated with changes in NO concentration. In conclusion, NO production can be detected using an NO-selective electrode in anaphylactic rabbits.

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