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Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy Quick Guide by John W. Wilson and Lynn L. Estes (Editors), ISBN 9780190696924

Schildgen, Oliver

Reviews in Medical Microbiology: October 2018 - Volume 29 - Issue 4 - p 189
doi: 10.1097/MRM.0000000000000149

Despite the fact that the reader may require assistance by a magnifying glass when reading the text pages of the Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy Quick Guide, this book is an excellent compendium that summarizes our current state of the art in antibiotic therapy. It covers all aspects of antimicrobial therapy, including dosing, treatment of specific pathogens as well as syndromes, bioavailability of the respective drugs and their pharmacokinetics, resistances and drug interactions. The compendium also covers special topics like obese patients, patients with underlying disease, vaccinations, or zoonotic and bioterrorist infections. For those who have not yet worked with this guide in their clinical or educational practice the book will help to make rapid therapy decisions or advice which decisions should be made in virtually all know scenarios of infectious disease medicine, whilst the book can easily be carried in a white coat – provided there is enough space between the plethora of books recommended for this use. Personally I will use this guide also for future lectures for our students, as it can support also the laboratory scientist who is not at the frontline of patient care. With this guide it is easy to focus a lecture for students on a single topic of antimicrobial therapy as the respective chapters are short but nearly all embracing.

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