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Clinical relevance of Aeromonas sM503

Reviews in Medical Microbiology: August 2006 - Volume 17 - Issue 3 - p 91
doi: 10.1097/01.revmedmi.0000259648.04374.7c
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The publisher would like to apologise to the author for the following error. The article is referenced below [1].

On the Table of Contents for volume 16, number 4, October 2005, the correct title for the article by Maria José Figueras should read Clinical relevance ofAeromonas.

On page 145, the correct article title should read Clinical relevance ofAeromonas.

On pages 147, 149, 151 and 153, the correct running head on the top right of each page should read Clinical relevance ofAeromonas.

The author would also like to make the following amendment to their article.

On page 146, right column, line 9, 0.6% NaCl should read 6% NaCl. Therefore the whole sentence should be revised to “To avoid this problem, a molecular probe has been designed [19] and specific differential biochemical tests recommended, such as growth on 6% NaCl, which is positive for Vibrio spp. and negative for Aeromonas [11].”


1. Figueras MJ. Clinical relevance of Aeromonas sM503. Reviews in Medical Microbiology 2005; 16:145–153.
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