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​RETINA® focuses exclusively on the growing specialty of vitreoretinal disorders. The Journal provides current information on diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Its highly specialized and informative, peer-reviewed articles are easily applicable to clinical practice.

In addition to regular reports from clinical and basic science investigators, RETINA® publishes special features including periodic review articles on pertinent topics, special articles dealing with surgical and other therapeutic techniques, and abstract cards. Issues are abundantly illustrated in vivid full color.

Published 12 times per year, RETINA® is truly a “must have” publication for anyone connected to this field.

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Shelley Withers

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Erin Langenfeld

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Brian Freiland

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Hilary Druker

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Andrew Wible​

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Alexander J. Brucker, MD
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Managing Editor

Andrew Clarke

Associate Managing Editor
Terry Rothstein Brucker