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October 2020 - Volume 38 - Issue 4

  • Mary Insana Fisher, PT, PhD
  • 2168-3808
  • 2381-2427
  • Quarterly

COVID-19 Update

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 illness has drastically changed how we live and work, and how we deliver our care. The editorial team at Rehabilitation Oncology understands that health department and Centers for Disease Control guidelines may interfere with ability to complete research and scientific work.  We are able to grant extensions necessary for manuscript revisions and for reviews; please notify the Editor in Chief at if an extension is necessary.  Make sure to include the relevant manuscript number when notifying us.

More than six months along in the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it may be tempting to give up the fight.  Finding solutions to reducing risk, preventing transmission, curing severely ill, managing the long-term sequelae of COVID-19, and protecting vulnerable populations from this seemingly unstoppable adversary is more like a marathon than a sprint.  

This month we bring to our readers a special issue focusing on providing care to those with cancer and other chronic disease during the time of COVID-19.  The manuscripts in this issue provide important information as we navigate how to provide safe and effective care in the time of COVID-19.  The risks and results of disrupted care for adults with cancer are reported, highlighting the need for physical therapists as essential workers.  A worldview of how international physiotherapists adapted patient care during the pandemic with suggested evaluation criteria and decision-making processes for providing uninterrupted care in new ways can be used as a guide as we amend our practice. Other contributions highlight possible solutions to meeting the varying needs of those with cancer, including children. The lessons learned are that creativity and flexibility are required to continue our services uninterrupted.

While the finish line for this marathon is not yet in sight, we must continue to move forward, taking the necessary steps to provide our essential care to those who rely on our expertise during this pandemic.  As Pheidippides, the Greek solider who ran to Athens to report the victory at the Battle of Marathon, we, too, must run toward our victory over COVID-19

- Mary I. Fisher, PT, PhD, 
Editor-in-Chief, Rehabilitation Oncology