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October 2022 - Volume 40 - Issue 4

  • Mary Insana Fisher, PT, PhD
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Call for Papers due June 30, 2023

Exercise Training: A Key Strategy in Oncology Rehabilitation​
Rehabilitation Oncology seeks high quality papers related to the use of exercise in oncology rehabilitation for the 2024 special issue of the journal. In continuing to serve our mission to further the science and practice of cancer rehabilitation, we are seeking manuscripts that report on the use of prescribed exercise to minimize impairments and improve functional outcomes for individuals with cancer across the survivorship continuum.  

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This final issue of 2022 includes both essential content for clinicians and important notable changes for our journal.  First, the Executive Summary of the Clinical Practice Guideline for the Screening and Assessment of Cancer-related Fatigue is included in this issue.  A practical algorithm for which tool to use when is provided, as well as useful tables to quickly drill down to the best way to screen for and assess for cancer-related fatigue.  The lead author, Joy Cohn, is featured in this month's accompanying podcast.  Another good resource for our clinician community is our OncoReads(sm) offerings; this issue's feature is another cancer-related fatigue resource: Persistent Cancer-Related Fatigue After Breast Cancer Treatment Predicts Postural Sway and Postexertional Changes in Sit-to-Stand Strategy, by Wechsler and colleagues. Check out the Podcast offerings and OncoReads(sm) at, in the right hand column (podcasts are also available on Spotify).  

Rehabilitation Oncology is changing with the times, and this month's issue is our final print version, after 40 years.  Beginning in January 2023, we will migrate to a fully online journal.  This aligns with our fiscal and environmental stewardship goals, and provides the reader with more online and supplemental content.  Simply go to to find the journal each quarter.

The journal editorial team looks forward to the future to continue to provide relevant and important information to guide oncology clinical practice.​

-Mary I. Fisher, PT, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Rehabilitation Oncology​

Duration: 25:48
Rehabilitation Oncology  October 2022, Volume 40, Issue 4;
Joy Cohn, PT, provides insights into the newest APTA Oncology clinical practice guideline for screening and assessing cancer-related fatigue. Valuable information on which tools are best to use and how to implement the clinical practice guideline are discussed with podcast host, Dr. Stephen Morris.