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Pfalzer, Lucinda (Cindy), PT, PhD, FACSM, FAPTA

doi: 10.1097/01.REO.0000000000000167

Editor of Oncology Rehabilitation and Emeriti Professor, Physical Therapy Department, University of Michigan-Flint, Flint, MI

Correspondence: Lucinda (Cindy) Pfalzer, PT, PhD, FACSM, FAPTA, Physical Therapy Department, 2157 WSW Bldg, University of Michigan-Flint, Flint, MI 48502 (

The author declares no conflicts of interest.

Spring is a time to look forward; however, a few reminders before I preview this issue—in moving toward an online journal, we moved the Case Reports, Clinical Conversation, and Research Round-up columns and CSM research abstracts to ONLINE ONLY (digital) publications. Access these valuable columns and reports for oncologic physical therapy knowledge translation from the journal home page in the current issue's Table of Content (TOC). The Academy-related news such as regional courses for continuing education, call for award nominations, call for nominations for office, grant request for proposals/application are all located at different times of year in the digital content accessed from the journal home page. As a member of the Academy, be sure to access the journal from the Academy home page by logging in, clicking on the publications tab, and selecting “View journal as a member.”

The Academy saw oncology clinical specialization become a reality with the first examination offered in March 2019. The significant work to make this happen such as creating the examination and overseeing the application and examination process is ongoing and the work on maintenance has begun. Thank you to all the physical therapists who served as item writers and those pioneering physical therapists who applied to take the examination. To physical therapists seeking CEUs for relicensure or to assist with studying for the next specialty examination, I reported in the last issue the roll out of OncoReads(SM) under the leadership of Senior Editor Mary Fisher and in partnership with the APTA Learning Center. This effort provides members and nonmembers with the opportunity to earn 2 CEUs for reading a journal article and taking and passing a posttest through the APTA Learning Center. Access OncoReads(SM) by clicking on the logo on the journal home page.

Do not forget to subscribe to the eTOC announcement for the journal when the each new issue is released. You can subscribe on the right-hand column of the journal home page under “Stay connected” and the notifications for PAP—“publications ahead of print” to receive notifications when new articles are in print on the journal home page. You may subscribe by scrolling farther down on the right-hand column of the journal home page under “Published ahead of print alerts.” Check out the collections tab on the home page to speed up you literature searches. Click on the collections tab to easily locate the EDGE systematic reviews. This may save you some valuable time searching for clinical outcome measures and evidence for practice. For those of you studying for the specialization examination, you will find the collections tab an easy way to pull up a topic for review. Podcasts related to the journal are located on the podcast tab, and we have an excellent podcast with this issue from Jen Blackwood related to the “Influence of Cognitive Function on Balance, Mobility, and Falls in Older Cancer Survivors.” Consider submitting your research and case reports to the journal to continue to move our science and evidence for practice forward.

This past November, our third reader's survey was completed and the editorial board reviewed the results. Serendipity is a wonderful thing, as the content of this issue addresses some of the feedback we received such as the desire for more pediatric content, clinical content, and information about guidelines. The President's Perspective column by Steve Morris kicks off this issue by discussing the 2nd edition of the “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” released by US Department of Health and Human Services in November. This is the first update to these guidelines since 2008, and Steve provides a companion podcast to the column. The Academy and the journal have made a lot of progress; however, as I was recently reminded, for clinicians, the challenges to implement models of care that are more effective and efficient such as prospective surveillance and prehabilitation remain. We need all of the contributions of our physical therapist and physical therapist assistants to our practice, research, and education to continue to “Move Forward.” This issue of the journal has a focus on clinical practice, including (a) 3 pediatrics related articles including the hot off the press EDGE review on clinical outcome measures of pediatric pain, another article discussing “Screening for Early Childhood Intervention in Oncology,” and an article that explores the effect of an exercise physiology intervention among adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer; (b) 3 articles related to balance and falls in older cancer survivors with Blackwood's article and podcast, “Influence of Cognitive Function on Balance, Mobility, and Falls in Older Cancer Survivors,” leading this topic off along with the digital-only must-read research Round-up and Clinical Conversation column; (c) the digital-only case report addresses differential diagnosis with musculoskeletal complaints; (d) a 10-year follow-up study of upper-limb morbidity in patients undergoing a rehabilitation program after breast cancer surgery provides food for thought about late effects and the surveillance needed; and (e) a review of angiosarcomas, which are a rare primary cardiac tumor, and the physical therapy management.

As mentioned earlier, the online-only (digital) publications in this issue are located on the current TOC and include a case report, titled “Differential Diagnosis: Orthopedic Injury or Oncologic Process—A Case Report”; the Research Round-up and Clinical Conversation columns are must-read clinical practice contributions from the Academy's newest SIG, the Balance and Fall SIG. The Research Round-up column addresses “Screening and Examination of Fall Risk in Older Cancer Survivors.” Min Huang is a board certified neurologic clinical specialist and the SIG Secretary. The Clinical Conversation column is titled, “The Balance and Falls SIG Is Here for You!” from Earllaine Croarkin, SIG Chair and a board certified neurologic clinical specialist.

Finally, if you do research or practice in palliative care and hospice access, the call for papers for the January 2020 special issue on palliative care and hospice with guest editors Christopher Wilson and Richard Briggs the journal home page at and the Instructions for Authors are located at I hope you all had or are having wonderful spring breaks—a great time to do some reading in the journal or to do an OncoReads(SM) CEU. Cheers.

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