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Pfalzer, Lucinda (Cindy) PT, PhD, FACSM, FAPTA

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doi: 10.1097/01.REO.0000000000000135
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This issue continues translating evidence to practice with 2 systematic reviews and their respective podcasts on the journal home page. The first review is “Behavioral Change Strategies to Improve Physical Activity After Cancer Treatment,” whereas the second review addresses an important topic for our practice: how we intervene to improve balance, function, symptoms, and quality of life in patients with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. Continuing on that theme of balance and falls is the research report, titled “Identifying Fall Risk of Patients Receiving Hematopoietic Cell Transplant.” The next research report also is related to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation outcomes. The case report demonstrated use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health Model to guide individualized care of a breast cancer survivor, while the online Clinical Conversation addresses the “Clinical Implementation of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosing Upper-Quadrant Lymphedema Secondary to Cancer.” Finally, the online Research Round-Up discusses “Collaboration in an Oncology Rehabilitation Clinic.” The Clinical Conversation and Research Round-Up columns are moved to online publications and are accessible from the journal home page under the articles tab. Mary Fisher, the senior editor, is working an “Oncology PT Read,” an opportunity to collaborate on offering CEUs for reading an evidence-based journal article. The reader survey results showed that you were interested in this opportunity. In the long term, we are considering offering the journal 6 times a year rather than quarterly publication. Please consider submitting your research and case reports to the journal to continue to move our science and evidence for practice forward. Mary Lou Galantino and David Kietrys are guest editors for the special January 2019 issue on HIV/AIDS rehabilitation. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, the call for papers is available at: To get articles hot off the press, go to publications-ahead-of-print (PAP) under the articles tab on the journal home page. You may subscribe PAP alerts, e-TOC alerts, and link to fb and twitter feeds from the journal home page.

As many of you know from the Section communications (newsletters, listserve, social media, and journal), several momentous events for the Oncology Section occurred in the past year that will substantially improve the services and opportunities for members and the communities and patients we serve. The evidence-based practice and knowledge translation efforts of the Section resulted in publication of the first of several clinical practice guidelines, and the EDGE task forces continue to produce systematic reviews of clinical outcome measures and in the last issue published reviews on clinical outcome measures of pain and fatigue for all cancer survivors. The Section has a new and improved Web page including 2 new home pages: (1) Oncologic clinical specialization with an excellent downloadable resource document for members whom are considering sitting for the examination and (2) Oncologic residency programs with a new listserve for members interested in residency. Consider joining the listserve. The Section's social media efforts continue to expand. The Section is an Academy after approval of the motion for the name change at CSM in February once the articles of incorporation are changed. The ABPTS Oncologic Specialty Council continues to move forward on offering the first Oncologic Specialization Examination in March 2019, with applications to sit for the examination closed on July 1, 2018. The Council continues to offer regional item writing workshops, with the upcoming workshops in Boston, August 4, New York City, September 22, and San Francisco, November 3. More importantly, the Section is well represented on the Commission for Cancer, had a seat at the table during the ACSM roundtable on cancer and exercise, has an opportunity to provide input to APTA related to fall prevention guidelines being revised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and continues efforts to work with other organizations that impact policies that affect the communities and patients we serve. A member survey was conducted to determine interest in establishing a Balance and Falls related to cancer survivors SIG for Oncologic physical therapists. There are opportunities to serve in the specialization efforts. Contact Amy Litterini if you are interested in becoming a case reviewer for the reflective cases that are submitted as part of the application to become an oncologic clinical specialist. Each April there is an opportunity to apply online at the ABPTS SACE Web page to become a SACE member to item write for the specialist examination. The journal continues to seek manuscript reviewers. If interested in becoming a manuscript reviewer, please e-mail me at Ponder volunteering with the Oncology Section and Oncologic Specialty Council, ABPTS to keep building the momentum. Finally, thanks to all of the members who contribute to the journal from the authors, manuscript reviewers, associate editors, and senior editor. This journal would not exist without your efforts. I hope you have an enjoyable summer vacation and do that summer vacation reading or listen to an article podcast on iTunes or the journal home page.

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