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Information for Authors

Quality Management in Health Care: April/June 2020 - Volume 29 - Issue 2 - p 128
doi: 10.1097/01.QMH.0000659560.34565.9f
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Objectives: The primary objectives of Quality Management in Health Care (QMHC) are to

  • build knowledge about customers, processes, and statistical thinking in health care;
  • encourage research and evaluation of quality management methods and related strategies for organizational change;
  • foster the application of quality management sciences to patient care processes and clinical decision making;
  • enhance cooperation and communication between health care suppliers, providers, payers, and regulators in efforts to disseminate quality management in health care; and
  • establish links among the various disciplines and components of quality management including organizational behavior, systems research, statistics, leadership theory, quality assurance, outcomes research, survey research, clinical epidemiology, medical decision sciences, and others.

Journal content: QMHC welcomes original manuscripts on the subject of quality management that are prepared in accordance with these objectives. The journal intends to publish theoretical papers, quality improvement project reports, and literature reviews. In particular the journal seeks reports of original research. Examples of appropriate research topics include: the efficacy of or new applications of specific tools and methods in health care, the relationships between quality management and care improvements or cost reductions, and the determinants of successful organizational change. A variety of study designs, from prospective controlled trials to multi-site observational studies, is acceptable.

Author guide: All prospective authors should obtain detailed author guidelines from the journal web site, The author guidelines contain information regarding manuscript preparation and submission, as well as an overview of the stylistic considerations that are pertinent to QMHC.

Electronic citations: Follow guidelines in the AMA Manual of Style, 10th ed., p. 39.

Manuscript review process: Representatives of the Editorial Board conduct a blind review of each manuscript submitted for publication in QMHC. They assess manuscripts using the following criteria: (1) consistency with the objectives of QMHC; (2) concise, logical ordering of ideas; (3) rational argument and defense of original ideas; (4) use of sound methods of research or other forms of scholarly investigation; (5) appropriate references to existing literature; (6) timeliness of subject matter; and (7) clear expression in English.

Information center: QMHC will include Letters to the Editor and information regarding Upcoming Events. Submit letters and information about upcoming meetings, seminars, or educational opportunities directly to the Editor.

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