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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Long-Term Survival in Adults 65 Years and Older With White Matter Hyperintensity: Association With Performance on the Digit Symbol Substitution Test

Rosano, Caterina; Chang, Yue-Fang; Kuller, Lewis H.; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 75(7):624-631, September 2013.

Socioeconomic Deprivation and Cortical Morphology: Psychological, Social, and Biological Determinants of Ill Health Study

Krishnadas, Rajeev; McLean, John; Batty, G. David; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 75(7):616-623, September 2013.

Cognitive Function in an Elderly Population: Interaction Between Vitamin B12 Status, Depression, and Apolipoprotein E [Latin Small Letter Open E]4: The Hordaland Homocysteine Study

Vogiatzoglou, Anna; Smith, A. David; Nurk, Eha; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 75(1):20-29, January 2013.

Event-Related Potentials During Recognition of Semantic and Pictorial Food Stimuli in Patients With Anorexia Nervosa and Healthy Controls With Varying Internal States of Hunger

Nikendei, Christoph; Friederich, Hans-Christoph; Weisbrod, Matthias; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 74(2):136-145, February/March 2012.

Sex Differences in the Association of Framingham Cardiac Risk Score With Cognitive Decline in Community-Dwelling Elders Without Clinical Heart Disease

Laughlin, Gail A.; McEvoy, Linda K.; von Mühlen, Denise; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 73(8):683-689, October 2011.