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Short-Term Versus Long-Term Effects of Depressive Symptoms on Mortality in Patients on Dialysis

van Dijk, Sandra; van den Beukel, Tessa O.; Dekker, Friedo W.; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 74(8):854-860, October 2012.

The Integration of Depressive Behaviors and Cardiac Dysfunction During an Operational Measure of Depression: Investigating the Role of Negative Social Experiences in an Animal Model

Grippo, Angela J.; Moffitt, Julia A.; Sgoifo, Andrea; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 74(6):612-619, July/August 2012.

Combining Psychosocial Data to Improve Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Events: The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute–Sponsored Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation Study

Whittaker, Kerry S.; Krantz, David S.; Rutledge, Thomas; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 74(3):263-270, April 2012.

Dark-Enhanced Startle Responses and Heart Rate Variability in a Traumatized Civilian Sample: Putative Sex-Specific Correlates of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Kamkwalala, Asante; Norrholm, Seth D.; Poole, James M.; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 74(2):153-159, February/March 2012.

Sex Differences in the Association of Framingham Cardiac Risk Score With Cognitive Decline in Community-Dwelling Elders Without Clinical Heart Disease

Laughlin, Gail A.; McEvoy, Linda K.; von Mühlen, Denise; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 73(8):683-689, October 2011.