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January 2022 - Volume 84 - Issue 1

  • Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD, MPH
  • 0033-3174
  • 1534-7796
  • 9 issues per year
  • Psychiatry 55/156, Psychology 11/77
  • 4.312

Childhood Maltreatment and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Disorders

Wan, Anthony; Bernstein, Charles N.; Graff, Lesley A.; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 84(1):10-19, January 2022.

The Association of Childhood Maltreatment, Sex, and Hair Cortisol Concentrations With Trajectories of Depressive and Anxious Symptoms Among Adult Psychiatric Inpatients

Cantave, Christina Y.; Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle; Giguère, Charles-Édouard; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 84(1):20-28, January 2022.

A Functional Connectivity Study to Investigate the Role of the Right Anterior Insula in Modulating Emotional Dysfunction in Borderline Personality Disorder

Sampedro, Frederic; Aracil-Bolaños, Ignacio; Carmona i Farrés, Cristina; More

Psychosomatic Medicine. 84(1):64-73, January 2022.