October 2007 - Volume 17 - Issue 5
pp: 253-314

Sequence variation in DOCK9 and heterogeneity in bipolar disorder

Detera-Wadleigh, Sevilla D.; Liu, Chun-yu; Maheshwari, Manjula; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 17(5):274-286, October 2007.

Possible association between genetic variants at the GRIN1 gene and schizophrenia with lifetime history of depressive symptoms in a German sample

Georgi, Alexander; Jamra, Rami Abou; Klein, Katrin; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 17(5):308-310, October 2007.

ZDHHC8 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism rs175174 is not associated with psychiatric features of the 22q11 Deletion Syndrome or Schizophrenia

Demily, Caroline; Legallic, Solenn; Bou, Jacqueline; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 17(5):311-312, October 2007.