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Cross-species models of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder: lessons from CNTNAP2, ADGRL3, and PARK2

Dalla Vecchia, Elisa; Mortimer, Niall; Palladino, Viola S.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 29(1):1-17, February 2019.

Rapporteur summaries of plenary, symposia, and oral sessions from the XXIIIrd World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics Meeting in Toronto, Canada, 16–20 October 2015

Zai, Gwyneth; Alberry, Bonnie; Arloth, Janine; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 26(6):229-257, December 2016.

Expert and self-assessment of lifetime symptoms and diagnosis of major depressive disorder in large-scale genetic studies in the general population: comparison of a clinical interview and a self-administered checklist

Martin, Jessica; Streit, Fabian; Treutlein, Jens; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 27(5):187-196, October 2017.

Shared genetic etiology between alcohol dependence and major depressive disorder

Foo, Jerome C.; Streit, Fabian; Treutlein, Jens; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 28(4):66-70, August 2018.

Analysis of genome-wide significant bipolar disorder genes in borderline personality disorder

Witt, Stephanie H.; Kleindienst, Nikolaus; Frank, Josef; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 24(6):262-265, December 2014.

Further evidence for DYX1C1 as a susceptibility factor for dyslexia

Dahdouh, Faten; Anthoni, Heidi; Tapia-Páez, Isabel; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 19(2):59-63, April 2009.

The role of microRNAs in the therapeutic action of D-cycloserine in a post-traumatic stress disorder animal model: an exploratory study

Malan-Müller, Stefanie; Fairbairn, Lorren; Hart, Stephanie; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 27(4):139-151, August 2017.

The role of the Cys23Ser (rs6318) polymorphism of the HTR2C gene in suicidal behavior: systematic review and meta-analysis

González-Castro, Thelma B.; Hernandez-Diaz, Yazmín; Juárez-Rojop, Isela E.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 27(6):199-209, December 2017.

Transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 antagonism in neuroinflammation, neuroprotection and epigenetic regulation: potential therapeutic implications for severe psychiatric disorders treatment

Escelsior, Andrea; Sterlini, Bruno; Belvederi Murri, Martino; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 30(2):39-48, April 2020.

Genetic polymorphisms in glutathione-S-transferases are associated with anxiety and mood disorders in nicotine dependence

Odebrecht Vargas Nunes, Sandra; Pizzo de Castro, Márcia Regina; Ehara Watanabe, Maria Angelica; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 24(3):87-93, June 2014.

Type I hyperprolinemia and proline dehydrogenase (PRODH) mutations in four Italian children with epilepsy and mental retardation

Di Rosa, Gabriella; Pustorino, Giuseppina; Spano, Maria; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 18(1):40-42, February 2008.

Genotype-phenotype feasibility studies on khat abuse, traumatic experiences and psychosis in Ethiopia

Adorjan, Kristina; Mekonnen, Zeleke; Tessema, Fasil; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 30(1):34-38, February 2020.

Glutamate concentration in the anterior cingulate cortex in alcohol dependence: association with alcohol withdrawal and exploration of contribution from glutamatergic candidate genes

Streit, Fabian; Treutlein, Jens; Frischknecht, Ulrich; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 28(5):94-95, October 2018.

The functional GRM3 Kozak sequence variant rs148754219 affects the risk of schizophrenia and alcohol dependence as well as bipolar disorder

O’Brien, Niamh L.; Way, Michael J.; Kandaswamy, Radhika; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 24(6):277-278, December 2014.

The association of rs4307059 and rs35678 markers with autism spectrum disorders is replicated in Italian families

Prandini, Paola; Pasquali, Alessandra; Malerba, Giovanni; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 22(4):177-181, August 2012.

Evidence for genetic susceptibility to the alcohol dependence syndrome from the thiamine transporter 2 gene solute carrier SLC19A3

Quadri, Giorgia; McQuillin, Andrew; Guerrini, Irene; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 24(3):122-123, June 2014.

Genetic linkage study for bipolar disorders on chromosomes 17 and 18 in families with a high expression of mental illness from the Balearic Islands

Tomàs, Carmen; Cañellas, Francisca; Rodríguez, Virginia; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 16(4):145-151, August 2006.

Further evidence for genetic variation at the serotonin transporter gene SLC6A4 contributing toward anxiety

Forstner, Andreas J.; Rambau, Stefanie; Friedrich, Nina; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 27(3):96-102, June 2017.

Lack of association between proline dehydrogenase (oxidase) 1 polymorphisms and schizophrenia in a Korean population

Kim, Jeong-Hyun; Park, Byung-Lae; Pasaje, Charisse Flerida A.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 22(3):153-154, June 2012.

Evidence for association between structural variants in lissencephaly-related genes and executive deficits in schizophrenia or bipolar patients from a Spanish isolate population

Tabarés-Seisdedos, Rafael; Mata, Ignacio; Escámez, Teresa; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 18(6):313-317, December 2008.

Association between neuropeptide Y receptor Y2 promoter variant rs6857715 and major depressive disorder

Treutlein, Jens; Strohmaier, Jana; Frank, Josef; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 27(1):34-37, February 2017.