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Articles by Lynn E. DeLisi

Summaries of oral sessions at the XXI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Boston, Massachusetts, 17–21 October 2013: state of the field

Akpudo, Hilary; Aleksic, Branko; Alkelai, Anna; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 24(4):125-150, August 2014.

Summaries from the XVIII World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Athens, Greece, 3–7 October 2010

Bergen, Sarah E.; Balhara, Yatan Pal Singh; Christoforou, Andrea; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 21(3):136-172, June 2011.

Selected summaries from the XVII World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, San Diego, California, USA, 4–8 November 2009

Amstadter, Ananda B.; Balachandar, Vellingiri; Bergen, Sarah E.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 20(5):229-268, October 2010.

Selected summaries from the XVI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Osaka, Japan, 11–15 October 2008

Bergen, Sarah; Chen, Jingchun; Dagdan, Elif; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 19(5):219-236, October 2009.

Long tandem repeats as a form of genomic copy number variation: structure and length polymorphism of a chromosome 5p repeat in control and schizophrenia populations

Bruce, Heather A.; Sachs, Nancy; Rudnicki, Dobrila D.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 19(2):64-71, April 2009.

Neuropsychological performance as endophenotypes in extended schizophrenia families from the Central Valley of Costa Rica

Bertisch, Hilary; Mesen-Fainardi, Andrea; Martin, Maureen V.; More

Psychiatric Genetics. 19(1):45-52, February 2009.