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August 2017 - Volume 5 - Issue 8
pp: e1439-e1453

Optimization of an Arterialized Venous Fasciocutaneous Flap in the Abdomen of the Rat

Casal, Diogo; Mota-Silva, Eduarda; Pais, Diogo; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open. 5(8):e1436, August 2017.

Creator: Bernardo Nogueira, MD and Macarena Vizcay, MD
Duration: 1:54
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open August 2017, Volume 5, Issue 8;
In this #FacetheCase video, PRS Global Open Resident Ambassador Dr. Macarena Vizcay presents a 74-year-old man was diagnosed with lymphoma recurrence in the pelvic and inguinal regions, surrounding the external iliac vessels, which did not respond to chemotherapy. He had difficulty walking, could not maintain a standing position for a prolonged time, and developed infections several times.

Watch as expert Dr. Bernardo Nogueira, MD discusses the article and its results.

Read the August 2017 PRS Global Open #FacetheCase article, “Lymphedema of the Lower Extremities due to Refractory Malignant Lymphoma by Naohiro Ishii, Marie Aoki, and Kazuo Kishi.

Keywords: plastic surgery; #FacetheCase; #PRSGlobalOpen; lymphoma; lower extremity; reconstructive; LVA; Lymphaticovenous anastomosis;
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