Face the Case- NPWT as an Artificial Leech

Video Author:Kevin Muriu Kinuthia and Peter Biribwa

Published on:December 02, 2022

In this #FacetheCase video, PRS Global Open Resident Ambassador Dr. Kevin Muriu Kinuthia presents a 86-year-old man with a history of hypothyroidism and Alzheimer’s presented an abscess in the distal third of the right leg associated with osteomyelitis of the tibia.

Read the March 2022 PRS Global Open #FacetheCase article, “Negative Pressure Wound Therapy as an Artificial Leech to Save a Congestive Flap: Case Report” by Ardila and Gomez-Ortega.

Keywords: plastic surgery; #FacetheCase; leech therapy; NPWT; wound therapy; reconstructive surgery; lower limb defect