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PRS Global Open Best Papers 2022

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Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey E. Janis, MD announces the 2022 awards for the Best Papers in "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery- Global Open."

Awards will be presented to all winners either as part of Plastic Surgery- The Meeting 2022 or digitally.

The editorial and publishing staff scoured data for all manuscripts published in 2021 to determine the number of times each article was read on Ovid and (combined Full-Text and PDF usage)for the 16 months following article publication. This 16-month data was combined to create an average score for each manuscript, placing them on equal footing, independent of publication month. The articles were sorted by score, and selected based on pre-existing categories.

Authors were not allowed to win twice, even for different papers or different awards. The Editor-in-Chief, Co-Editors, Editor or Co-Editor Emeritus, 2022 Section Editors, and the ASPS Executive Committee were ineligible. Best Topical Articles include the following article types as candidates: Original Articles, Special Topics, Review Articles, Ideas & Innovations. For the first time ever, the PRS Global Open awards categories are designed to match the topical sections in the journal, including “Best Breast Paper,” “Best Gender-Affirming Surgery Paper,” “Best Technology Paper,” and so on. Because the rollout of our final topical sections was not completed until midway through 2021, some of the articles you see in this edition were originally published under different sectional banners than the award they are being given. We have re-classified older articles into current-day sections for the purposes of giving out these awards.

Vomer Flaps Support Velopharyngeal Competency, Fistula Free Repair, and 3D Construction of Normal Anatomy in Patients with Cleft Palate

Schmidt, Gül; Toubekis, Evjenia; Koch, Hubertus; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open. 9(12):e3968, December 2021.

Best Craniofacial/Pediatric Paper

Extreme Gigantomastia Caused by Pseudoangiomatous Stromal Hyperplasia at Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais: A Case Report

Jean-Louis, Willy F.; Bowder, Alexis; Dupont, Claude R.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open. 9(12):e3960, December 2021.

Best Case Report- Gold

Two-stage Reconstruction of Hand Extensor Tendons Using Silicon Rods

Abdulaziz, Mohammad KH.B.; Al-Ali, Ahmad B.; Hassan, Zakariya; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open. 9(10):e3858, October 2021.

Best Case Report- Honorable Mention

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