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Black History Month

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  • Updated:   3/1/2022
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In acknowledgement and celebration of Black History Month, PRS Global Open is highlighting valuable contributions by our Black colleagues and articles that discuss diversity in plastic surgery. These scholastic pursuits span the breadth of our discipline from basic science to clinical research and from hand surgery to aesthetic surgery (with everything in between). As we have, and continue to endure, a racial reawakening in this country, health care disparities along racial and ethnic lines are again on the forefronts of our minds.

We stand with, and in full support of, our Black colleagues, in hopes of creating a plastic surgery workforce more reflective of the diverse patient population which we are honored to treat. Improving equity in provision of care, research pursuits, and the education of the next generation of plastic and reconstructive surgeons is dependent on it. We are excited that the articles are open access, and therefore free to be read by anyone, anywhere on


Paris D. Butler, MD, MPH, FACS Chair, Diversity Committee of American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)

Steven H. Williams, MD Section Editor - Technology, PRS Global Open

Jeffrey E. Janis, MD, FACS Editor-in-Chief, PRS Global Open

Black History Month