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  • Creator:   PRS Journal
  • Updated:   3/8/2019
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Creator: Kate Boehm, MD
Duration: 2:48
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open

In this #FacetheCase video, PRS Global Open Resident Ambassador Dr. Kate Boehm presents a 44-year-old female who had 4 failed breast reconstruction procedures, including latissimus and DIEP flaps, following mastectomy and radiation for ductal carcinoma.

Expert Dr. Olivier Branford discusses the author’s solution and how he would have addressed the issues presented.

Read the PRS Global Open #FacetheCase article, “Fat Grafting to the Breast, a Simple Procedure for a Very Complex Reconstruction” by Francisco Claro Jr, Fernando Linhares Pereira and Aarão M. Pinto-Neto

Keywords: plastic surgery; #FacetheCase; #PRSGlobalOpen; case report; breast reconstruction, implants, fat grafting