​​​​PRS and PRS Global Open Resident Advisory Board

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Justin Bellamy, MDNew York, NY
Marten Basta, MDProvidence, RI
Justin Broyles, MDBaltimore, MD
Min-jeong Cho, MDDallas, TX
Erez Dayan, MDBoston, MA
Jordan Frey, MDNew York, NY
​Gianfranco Frojo, MD​St. Louis, MO
Geoffrey Hespe, MDAnn Arbor, MI
Casey Kraft, MDColumbus, OH
​Lily Mundy, MD​Durham, NC
Rajiv Parikh, MDSt. Louis, MO
Chad Purnell, MDChicago, IL
Navid Pourtaheri, MD, PhDCleveland, OH
Kavitha Ranganathan, MDAnn Arbor, MI
Ara Salibian , MDNew York, NY
Kyle Sanniec, MDDallas, TX
Ronnie Shammas, MD
Durham, NC
​Anna Steve, MD​​Calgary, AB, Canada
Erin Taylor, MDBoston, ​ MA
Chad Teven, MDChicago, IL

Thank you to our active and engaged Resident Advisory Board members from across the word. Members of the PRS and PRS Global Open Resident Advisory Board actively participate in 3 of the 5 activities:

  1. Participating with #PRSJournalClub on Facebook ​
  2. Participating in #PRSGrandRounds on Facebook (via Facebook Live) 
  3. Interacting with PRS and PRS Global Open on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram
  4. Submitting blogs to the PRS Resident Chronicles
  5. Serving as a peer reviewer for PRS and PRS Global Open

Membership is considered on a rolling basis and updated quarterly.​

We also proudly present the Resident Ambassadors to our Editorial Boards:

2018 PRS Resident Ambassadors: Francesco Egro, MD; Nicole A. Phillips, MD; Ira Savetsky, MD.

2018 PRS Global Open Resident Ambassadors: Kaitlin Boehm, MD; Or Friedman, MD.

View our Editorial Board​.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us to get involved.  ​