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 Review of Acute Traumatic Closed Mallet Finger Injuries in Adults

 The Importance of Multidisciplinary Management during Prenatal Care for Cleft Lip and Palate

 Ten Years of Results of Modified Frontalis Muscle Transfer for the Correction of Blepharoptosis


 Cutaneous wound healing: Current concepts and advances in wound care

 Thermal burns on lower ling resulting from laptop use: A case report and review of literature 

 Effect of green tea on the second degree burn wounds in rats


 Cardiac Malformations in Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

 Functional Outcome of Post Burn Upper Limb Constructors in Childrens

 Role of Cleft Lip Educational Videos in Improving the Technique : A preliminary Report




 Reconstruction of labia minora

 A method of nasal pyramid formation and of correct nasofrontal angle shaping using authorial osteotome, or a new approach to nasal dorsum plastic surgery



 Vitiligo and the melanocyte reservoir

 Long-term follow-up and donor site changes evaluation in suction blister epidermal grafting done for stable vitiligo: A retrospective study

 Understanding and evaluating systematic reviews and meta-analyses


​​​"Breast Surgery and Lipofilling" hour-long course ​

La​rge volume fat transplantation and emerging techniques in the buttock

​​ Masseters and oval reshaping – dissection of a cadaver


 Case series of three-dimensional printing technology applied in complex craniofacial deformity surgery

 Does cleft palate repair reduce the incidence of middle ear pathology?

 Perceptual and instrumental analysis of hypernasality in children with repaired cleft palate


 Microneedling therapy in atrophic facial scars: An objective assessment

 Nonmelanoma skin cancer

 Advanced nail surgery



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 Experiencia con Nexobrid® para el desbridamiento enzimático de quemaduras faciales seguido de tratamiento conservador con Medihoney®

 Da-Cruz Triple Tool: cómo hacer simple y precisa la cirugía de implante glúteo intramuscular

 Efecto del ultrasonido quirúrgico de alta potencia en el tejido dérmico y adiposo. Estudio experimental para aplicación en marcación abdominal

  Intradermal fillers for minimally invasive treatment of facial aging

The reliability of the “Iberic graft” for covering of the radial forearm free flap donor

Full retroauricular skin and fascia expansion in microtia reconstruction: a single center experience of 166 cases