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PSTM 2018 Abstract Supplement

Abstract: Modified Conchal Cartilage Sandwich Graft Method for Repair of Split Ear Lobe

Agarwal, Rajiv MD; Agarwal, Devisha MD; Agarwal, Mallika MBBS

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open: August 2018 - Volume 6 - Issue 8S - p 43-44
doi: 10.1097/01.GOX.0000546771.27500.fc
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AIM: Split ear lobe repair is one of the commonest request in cosmetic facial surgery. Frequently, the ear lobe split is prone to recurrence following surgical repair. A new technique is described which strengthens the ear lobe tissues using locally available conchal cartilage to prevent recurrence.

MATERIALS and METHODS: 48 women in age range from 18 to 62 years with varying grades of split earlobe were operated using the technique of conchal cartilage reinforcement of earlobe. 28 females had bilateral involvement and the remaining had unilateral tear. 25 women had a previous failed repair with earlobe scarring. A conchal cartilage disc was harvested at time of repair of earlobe. This disc was placed in a pocket created in the earlobe over which the earlobe was repaired. The conchal disc was modified by creating a hole of 5 mm diameter for placing the new hole. Simultaneous reperforation of the earlobe was done throught this new hole and stud earring was applied.

RESULTS: Satisfactory aesthetic and functional results have been obtained in the series using the technique of conchal cartilage graft augmentation of the ear lobe in the last five years of use of this technique. All patients had high degree of satisfaction as being able to come out of the operating room with earrings on. There has been no stretching or retear of the earlobe following implantation of the conchal cartilage over a follow-up period of 4 years.

CONCLUSION: The conchal cartilage graft sandwich procedure allows immediate reperforation of the repaired earlobe at the time of repair in a central aesthetic location along with providing necessary strength to the earlobe thus preventing recurrence in primary and recurrent acquired split earlobe deformity.

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