Aims and Scope

Progress in Preventive Medicine (PROGPREVMED) is an open access, peer reviewed journal which aims to publish high quality research that contributes to implementing preventive, personalized, predictive and participatory (P4) medicine. P4 medicine represents a move from models of reacting to illness to maintaining health and a pro-active health care approach; prolonging the healthspan is a primary goal of this new model.

PROGPREVMED is dedicated to highlighting high-quality articles about P4 medicine with a focus on chronic diseases (i.e., lifestyle-related diseases, non-communicable diseases, diseases of civilization) and ageing across the lifespan. The Journal is a cross-discipline research platform to advance the science and clinical practice around implementing P4 medicine to address complex chronic diseases.

PROGPREVMED will publish high-quality original articles, commissioned reviews, commentaries, brief communications, and letters to the Editor. The Journal follows a translational approach ‘From Cell to Community’ – addressing and including all aspects from basic research, to clinical medicine to public health with a focus on systems-based and interdisciplinary approaches.

PROGPREVMED is an official journal of:

- the European Society of Preventive Medicine
- the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine
- the Institute for Systems Biology
- the Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine
and their associated organizations

As an open access journal, articles are freely available to read online around the world. PROGPREVMED promises to offer a space for researchers to publish and access original research focusing solely on P4 medicine.

Article Types:

1. Original Research including basic, clinical and epidemiological research

2. Reviews

3. Brief Communications and Correspondence:
- Editorials
- Commentaries
- Viewpoints
- Letters to the Editors

4. Open Submission (if the manuscript’s format doesn’t fit any of the article types above)

5. Invited Content

- 'State of the Science' series will provide articles by internationally-recognized experts presenting the current understanding and challenges in topical areas that are critical for clinical preventive medicine, P4 Medicine and health. These papers will be invited-only.

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts

Senior Publisher, Open Access
Tarryn Greenberg

Production Editor
Megen Miller 

Marketing Manager​
Jim Fischer

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