Affiliated Societies


The European Society of Preventive Medicine is dedicated to advance preventive medicine in all areas including public health, clinical medicine and basic research. The society pushes for a P4 approach in medicine and that we move away from a reactive healthcare system to a proactive one.

The European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine aims to speed up the transfer of results obtained through systems biology approaches to industry and to routine patient care by studying life complexity through a trans-disciplinary approach, advancing research today to heal better tomorrow, and boosting European ambition to serve global public health. 

The Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine strives to understand the mechanisms of complex biological systems and disease processes and enable new ways to cure and prevent human diseases.

The Institute for Systems Biology serves as the ultimate environment where scientific collaboration stretches across disciplines and across academic and industrial organizations, where our researchers have the intellectual freedom to challenge the status quo, and where grand visions for breakthroughs in human health inspire a collective drive to achieve the seemingly impossible.

The Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine at Shanghai Jiao Tong University applies a systems approach, combining multiple disciplines, from genomics to informatics to biophysics, to address fundamental questions in biology and medicine.