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Professional Case Management accepts manuscript submissions through Editorial Manager

Professional Case Management has specific instructions and guidelines for submitting articles. Those instructions and guidelines are readily available on the submission service site. Please read and review them carefully. Articles that are not submitted in accordance with our instructions and guidelines are more likely to be rejected.

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Now Accepting Submissions from the following categories:

​​• New, successful models of case management (in various levels of care) - backed by data (what makes them successful)
• Successful models to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions
• End of life 
• Ethics in the workplace
• Inter-disciplinary care management teams - successful models
• The Business Side of Case Management
• Dealing with lack of resources in patient who need 'more'

Have you ever considered writing for one of PCM's Departments?

The Legal & Regulatory and Case Management Matters Departments offer a unique opportunity for both experienced and novice authors.  These departments focus on current events and give a voice to the practicing case manager. Mentoring is available for first time authors.

Case Management (CM) Matters reports on emerging trends, tools, techniques, unique experiences, and models that relates to all case management practice. The sharing of ideas, challenges, and successes is enhanced by case studies, as appropriate. The format of the CM Matters Department is nonrestrictive, as these practical, hands-on articles are not peer-reviewed. Results-oriented articles are important. If you have been able to reduce length of stay, avoidable readmissions, costs or have been able to accelerate return-to-work or improve patient outcomes, make this a prominent feature of the article. If available, include quantifiable data (e.g. days saved), forms, checklists, guidelines, policies, etc.

Shorter pieces of 500-1000 words may also be accepted and grouped with related topics.

The Legal and Regulatory Department addresses current and emerging legal and regulatory issues occurring in our evolving healthcare environment. The sharing of ideas and successes is enhanced by case studies and helps the reader develop and understanding how legal issues affect actual practice situations. The format of the Legal and Regulatory Department is nonrestrictive, as these articles are not peer-reviewed. The information contained in this department is for educational purposes only, however in order to provide genuine value, it is essential that the author cite to specific laws, rules and regulations. The Department Editor is available to assist you in citing these correctly. Remember, the material in this Department is not legal advice, which can only be given by an attorney admitted to practice in the jurisdiction/state(s) in which the readers practice. If available and the article is about compliance with regulations, include forms, checklists, guidelines, policies, etc. Word count: Articles should be no longer than 2,500 words. Ideal article length is approximately 1,500 words.

Legal/Regulatory possible topics include:
• The impact of any law and/or regulation on your area of practice, policies and procedures
• Practical advice for working within regulatory parameters
• Patient Privacy and the impact of technology

How to begin: Just start writing!!!

When you think you have a good start, contact the contributing editor via email at: [email protected] with an idea or topic you’d like to explore and discuss. We are here to help; mentoring available.

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