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CCMC Collection

Updated:   1/25/2016
Contains:  22 items

Health IT

Updated:   2/23/2016
Contains:  6 items

Social Work

Updated:   8/28/2015
Contains:  15 items

We hope you enjoy this collection of Social Work articles from Professional Case Management!
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COLLABORATE©: A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm for Professional Case Management

Updated:   10/8/2015
Contains:  4 items

COLLABORATE was borne from a vision; the mandate to solidify a foundation for case management practice which combines unique action-oriented competencies, transcends professional disciplines, crosses over practice settings, and recognizes educational levels. The ultimate focus is on improving the client’s health care experience through the promotion of effective transdisciplinary collaboration.

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Updated:   4/12/2017
Contains:  10 items


Updated:   9/2/2015
Contains:  7 items

Reducing Readmissions

Updated:   10/8/2015
Contains:  13 items

Title Protection

Updated:   7/23/2018
Contains:  5 items

Open Access Articles

Updated:   9/2/2015
Contains:  2 items


Updated:   10/8/2015
Contains:  2 items

Nurses Week 2018

Updated:   5/4/2018
Contains:  1 items