Editorial Board

John M. Oldham, MD, MS
Professor and Barbara and Corbin Robertson Jr. Endowed Chair for Personality Disorders
Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Baylor College of Medicine

Managing Editor

Ruth Ross
21 S. Rhododendron Dr.
Port Townsend, WA  98368

Editorial Board
Judith S. Beck, PhD
Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and University of Pennsylvania

Norman Andrew Clemens, MD
Case Western Reserve University,

Deborah Deas, MD, MPH
Medical University of South Carolina

Marcia Kraft Goin, MD, PhD
The University of Southern California
School of Medicine

Carlos M. Grilo, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine

David A. Kahn, MD
Columbia University College
of Physicians and Surgeons

William H. Reid, MD, MPH
University of Texas Dell Medical School and Texas Tech University Health Science Center

Carolyn B. Robinowitz, MD
George Washington University
School of Medicine and
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Pedro Ruiz, MD
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Baylor College of Medicine

A. John Rush, MD
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical
Center at Dallas

Peter J. Weiden, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago

Janet B. Williams, PhD
New York State Psychiatric Institute and
Columbia University College
of Physicians and Surgeons
Special Board Member
Leah D. Fryml, MD
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Winner of 2016 Resident Paper Award
International Members  
Jorge Alberto Costa e Silva, MD
International Center for
Mental Health Policy,
New York University

Judith H. Gold, CM, MD, FRCPC
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Juan J. L├│pez-Ibor, Jr, MD, PhD
Past president of the World
Psychiatric Association,
Universidad Complutense Madrid
Yutaka Ono, MD
Keio University Tokyo

Norman Sartorius, MD, PhD, FRC Psych
Past President of the World
Psychiatric Association,
University of Geneva

Contributing Editors

Anand Pandya, MD
UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles

Eric M. Plakun, MD
Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, MA
and the American Psychiatric Association Psychotherapy Caucus

Sheldon H. Preskorn, MD
Clinical Research Institute and
University of Kansas
School of Medicine

Marcia L. Verduin, MD
Book Editor
University of Central Florida
College of Medicine, Orlando

Hal S. Wortzel, MD
University of Colorado