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Reducing Point-of-care Blood Gas Testing in the Intensive Care Unit through Diagnostic Stewardship: A Value Improvement Project

Tchou, Michael J.; May, Sally; Holcomb, John; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(4):e284, July/August 2020.

Strengths–Weaknesses–Opportunities–Threats Analysis for a Pediatric Anesthesia Program

Eizaga Rebollar, Ramón; García Palacios, María Victoria; Fernández Mangas, María del Carmen; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(1):e254, January/February 2020.

Integrating Suicide Risk Screening into Pediatric Ambulatory Subspecialty Care

Lois, Becky H.; Urban, Tamaki H.; Wong, Christina; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(3):e310, May/June 2020.

Timely Delivery of Discharge Medications to Patients’ Bedsides: A Patient-centered Quality Improvement Project

Katz, Daphna T.; Fernandez-Sanchez, Josaura V.; Loeffler, Leah A.; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(3):e297, May/June 2020.

Cold Debriefings after In-hospital Cardiac Arrest in an International Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Improvement Collaborative

Wolfe, Heather A.; Wenger, Jesse; Sutton, Robert; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(4):e319, July/August 2020.

Impacting Satisfaction, Learning, and Efficiency Through Structured Interdisciplinary Rounding in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Project

Lopez, Merrick; Vaks, Yana; Wilson, Michele; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 4(3):e176, May/June 2019.

The Road to Transfusion-free Craniosynostosis Repair in Children Less Than 24 Months Old: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Beethe, Amy B.; Spitznagel, Rachel A.; Kugler, Jane A.; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(4):e331, July/August 2020.

Reducing Unplanned Extubations Across a Children’s Hospital Using Quality Improvement Methods

Kandil, Sarah B.; Emerson, Beth L.; Hooper, Michael; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 3(6):e114, November/December 2018.

Vaccinating in the Emergency Department, a Novel Approach to Improve Influenza Vaccination Rates via a Quality Improvement Initiative

Baumer-Mouradian, Shannon H.; Kleinschmidt, Abigail; Servi, Ashley; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(4):e322, July/August 2020.

Implementing a Process to Systematically Identify and Address Poor Medication Adherence in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients

Wadhwani, Sharad Indur; Nichols, Melissa; Klosterkemper, Jarrad; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(3):e296, May/June 2020.

Reduction of Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection Through Focus on the Mesosystem: Standardization, Data, and Accountability

Mathew, Roshni; Simms, Alison; Wood, Matthew; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(2):e272, March/April 2020.

Optimizing High-risk Infant Follow-up in Nonresearch-based Paradigms: The New England Follow-up Network

Litt, Jonathan S.; Edwards, Erika M.; Lainwala, Shabnam; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(3):e287, May/June 2020.

Impact of a Quality Improvement Initiative to Optimize the Discharge Process of Pediatric Gastroenterology Patients at an Academic Children’s Hospital

Moo-Young, Joseph A.; Sylvester, Francisco A.; Dancel, Ria D.; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 4(5):e213, September/October 2019.

Set of Quality Indicators of Pediatric Intensive Care in Spain: Delphi Method Selection

Hernández-Borges, Angel A.; Pérez-Estévez, Elena; Jiménez-Sosa, Alejandro; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 2(1):e009, January/February 2017.

Reduced Necrotizing Enterocolitis after an Initiative to Promote Breastfeeding and Early Human Milk Administration

Feinberg, Michelle; Miller, Lynn; Engers, Barbara; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 2(2):e014, March/April 2017.

10,000 Good Catches: Increasing Safety Event Reporting In A Pediatric Health Care System

Crandall, Kristen M.; Almuhanna, Ahmed; Cady, Rebecca; More

Pediatric Quality & Safety. 3(2):e072, March/April 2018.

The Vitals Risk Index—Retrospective Performance Analysis of an Automated and Objective Pediatric Early Warning System

Gorham, Tyler J.; Rust, Steve; Rust, Laura; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 5(2):e271, March/April 2020.