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March/April 2021 - Volume 6 - Issue 2
pp: e430-e430

Stewardship Intervention to Optimize Central Venous Catheter Utilization in Critically Ill Children

Blumenthal, Jennifer A.; Ormsby, Jennifer A.; Mirchandani, Dimple; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e389, March/April 2021.

Reducing Employee Injury Rates with a Hospital-wide Employee Safety Program

Fink, Alia; Merkeley, Kathryn; Tolliver, Charika; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e387, March/April 2021.

Sustained Improvement in the Performance of Rapid Sequence Intubation Five Years after a Quality Improvement Initiative

Kerrey, Benjamin T.; Mittiga, Matthew R.; Boyd, Stephanie; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e385, March/April 2021.

Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction Network: Improving the Management of Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction

Pokarowski, Martha; Rickard, Mandy; Kanani, Ronik; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e383, March/April 2021.

Integration of a Lean Daily Management System into an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Wirtz, Ann L.; Monsees, Elizabeth A.; Gibbs, Kate A.; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e384, March/April 2021.

A Patient Navigator Intervention Supporting Timely Transfer Care of Adolescent and Young Adults of Hispanic Descents Attending an Urban Primary Care Pediatrics Clinic

Allende-Richter, Sophie; Glidden, Patricia; Maloyan, Mariam; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e391, March/April 2021.

Vaccinating in the Emergency Department, a Model to Overcome Influenza Vaccine Hesitancy

Baumer-Mouradian, Shannon H.; Servi, Ashley; Kleinschmidt, Abigail; More

Pediatric Quality and Safety. 6(2):e430, March/April 2021.