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September 2013 - Volume 132 - Issue 3
pp: 511-724,330e-488e

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Mechanisms of Action of External Volume Expansion Devices

Lancerotto, Luca; Chin, Michael S.; Freniere, Brian; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 132(3):569-578, September 2013.

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The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Modification of the Furlow Double-Opposing Z-Palatoplasty: 30-Year Experience and Long-Term Speech Outcomes

Jackson, Oksana; Stransky, Carrie A.; Jawad, Abbas F.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 132(3):613-622, September 2013.

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Creator: Rod J Rohrich, MD
Duration: 6:33

Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and special guest, Paul Cederna MD, discuss three important September 2013 articles from the experimental section, highlighting how discoveries in the lab can effect practices in the clinic. Volume 132, Issue 3.

“Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Enalapril Reduces Formation of Hypertrophic Scars in a Rabbit Ear Wounding Model”; “Molecular Analysis and Differentiation Capacity of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells from Lymphedema Tissue”; “Large Prefabricated Skin Flaps Based on the Venous System in Rabbits: A Preliminary Study”.

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. Keywords: Experimental; Lab; Hypertrophic scar; Stem cells; Lymphedema; Skin flap;