April 2013 - Volume 131 - Issue 4
pp: 671-920,480e-673e

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The Impact of Poly Implant Prothèse Fraud on Breast Cancer Patients: A Report by the Institut Curie

Reyal, Fabien; Feron, Jean-Guillaume; Leman Detour, Solene; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 131(4):690-695, April 2013.

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Outcomes Articles

Trend of Recovery after Simple Decompression for Treatment of Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow

Giladi, Aviram M.; Gaston, R. Glenn; Haase, Steven C.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 131(4):563e-573e, April 2013.

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Original Articles

Creator: Rod J Rohrich, MD
Duration: 4:08
Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and special guest Dennis Orgill, MD, Reconstructive Section Editor, highlight levels of evidence and operating room safety, both pivotal in protecting the future of plastic surgery. Volume 131, Issue 4.

"The Level of Evidence Presented at Plastic Surgery Meetings: What Do We Have To Learn?”; “Sharps Injuries: The Risks and Relevance to Plastic Surgeons”; "The Launch of PRS GO: What You Need to Know"

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