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PRS Journal Club September 2019

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  • Updated:   9/26/2019
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This collection contains articles selected by the Resident Ambassadors to the Editorial Board for the September 2019 PRS Journal Club. Each article from the current issue has been selected for further discussions in Journal Clubs around the country, on Twitter, and in the PRS Journal Club Podcasts and will be marked with a “Journal Club” icon.

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Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction in the Obese: A Better Option Than Tissue Expander/Implant Reconstruction?

Klement, Kristen A.; Hijjawi, John B.; LoGiudice, John A.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 144(3):539-546, September 2019.

Prospective Longitudinal Patient-Reported Satisfaction and Health-Related Quality of Life following DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction: Relationship with Body Mass Index

Ochoa, Oscar; Garza, Ramon III; Pisano, Steven; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 143(6):1589-1600, June 2019.

Classic Pairing

Creator: Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Duration: 1:43
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
In this video, Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Editor-in-Chief of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” reviews an assessment on the impact of autologous breast reconstruction on BMI patterns after breast cancer diagnosis in mastectomy patients.

Read the December 2017 PRS #PlasticSurgery Article, The Impact of Autologous Breast Reconstruction on BMI Patterns in Breast Cancer Patients: A Propensity-Matched Analysis by Cho, Shammas, Glener, et al.

For consumer information on plastic surgery, and to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area visit

Keywords: breast; reconstruction; free flap; mastectomy; breast reconstruction; pedicle flaps; plastic surgery; oncology; weight; BMI; weight gain; obesity; cancer; breast cancer; chemotherapy; autologous; #PRSHotTopic

Gluteal Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

Mendes, José Jr; Mendes Maykeh, Vinicius A.; Frascino, Luiz Fernando; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 144(3):610-613, September 2019.

Patient Registry and Outcomes for Breast Implants and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Etiology and Epidemiology (PROFILE): Initial Report of Findings, 2012–2018

McCarthy, Colleen M.; Loyo-Berríos, Nilsa; Qureshi, Ali A.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 143(3S):65S-73S, March 2019.

Classic Pairing

Creator: Tim Papadopoulos
Duration: 5:00
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Video shows the appearance of BIA-ALCL intraoperatively on patient. From “Breast implant associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in Australia and New Zealand - higher surface area textured implants are associated with increased risk.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: October 2017 - 140 (4)
Keywords: Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma; ALCL; breast implants; biofilm

Timing of Microsurgical Reconstruction in Lower Extremity Trauma: An Update of the Godina Paradigm

Lee, Z-Hye; Stranix, John T.; Rifkin, William J.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 144(3):759-767, September 2019.

Creator: Eamon O’Reilly, MD
Duration: 4:03
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
In this video, Eamon O’Reilly, MD discusses the article “Flap Coverage Outcomes following Vascular Injury and Repair: Chronicling a Decade of Severe War-Related Extremity Trauma” by Casey et al., appearing in the January 2015 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Volume 135 Issue 1. Keywords: Lower extremity; Vascular injury; Outcomes; Limb salvage;