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  • Updated:   5/24/2023
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We present a small collection of some of the hottest video content associated with this month's issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including operative techniques, lectures, video discussions, and public-facing "hot topics."

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Creator: John Semple
Duration: 1:14

This video describes preoperative markings for the TRAM Flap in a unilateral breast reconstruction. The video emphasizes the importance of using the contra lateral breast shape and contour as a guide to reconstructing the new breast and obtaining symmetry. The design of the Tram Flap on the lower abdomen is described outlining the main features of capturing the peri umbilical perforators. The video also shows the mastectomy scar being resected and placed in a vial to be sent for pathological analysis since the scar is one of the most common areas for recurrence.

From “A Safe and Efficient Technique for Pedicled TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction” June 2023 – 151 (6) CME.

Keywords: breast reconstruction

Creator: Simeon Wall Jr MD FACS, Jeffrey R Claiborne, MD, Holly Casey Wall MD FACS
Duration: 6:17

Video demonstrates Simultaneous Short-Scar Superior-Pedicle Mastopexy Augmentation with Breast Tissue Equalization. This is a highly-edited, short video of a 28 y/o, G2P2, 5’4”, 130 lb, low-breasted patient with mild ptosis, presenting for breast rejuvenation, wanting significant upper pole fullness and to be 1.5 cup sizes larger.  Copyright retained by Simeon Wall Jr MD FACS. From “Superiorly-Based Short-Scar Mastopexy Augmentation: A 10-Year Review of 1217 Consecutive Cases.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: June 2023 - 151(6).

Keywords: augmentation mastopexy; Mastopexy Augmentation; breast tissue equalization; Augmentation; mastopexy; Breast Ptosis; breast lift; SAFElipo; Breast Implants

Creator: Chin-Ho Wong, MD; Bryan Mendelson, MD; SN Salwa Bt. Anuar; SN Weijia Wang; Her–Shann Wong, MD; Choon-Seng Goh; Michael Hsieh, MD; Levent Efe, MD; Genny Ooi; Vivian Lo; Han Productions
Duration: 0:58

Video shows our pre-operative assessment of the patient. From “Mid Cheek Lift via the Facial Soft Tissue Spaces.” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: June 2023 – 151(6).

Keywords: Mid Cheek; Mid Face; Lift; safety; Eye Bag; tear trough; Aging; Rejuvenation

Creator: Tyler Safran MD, Jad Abi-Rafeh M.Sc, Alex Viezel-Mathieu MD M.Sc FRCSC, Joshua Vorstenbosch MD PHD FRCSC, Tassos Dionisopoulos MD FRCSC
Duration: 0:33

Video demonstrates mastectomy dissection with flap thickness. From “Direct-to-Implant, Prepectroal Breast Reconstruction: Geometric Breast Measurements and Changes at 2-Years of Follow-Up” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: June 2023 - 151(6).

Keywords: breast; Prepectoral reconstruction; direct-to-implant; smooth implant; Silicone; ADM; ADM-Sparing; Wise pattern; skin reduction; geometrical changes