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  • Updated:   4/26/2021
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We present a small collection of some of the hottest video content associated with this month's issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including operative techniques, lectures, video discussions, and public-facing "hot topics."

There are many amazing videos associated with each issue of PRS; download the Complete Video Archive tool, and use Excel functionality to find and click through to the videos you want. The database is updated monthly with each new issue of PRS.

Creator: Matthew Hanasono, MD
Duration: 2:34
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
In this video, Matthew Hanasono, MD discusses " Scalp Reconstruction after Mohs Cancer Excision: Lessons Learned from More Than 900 Consecutive Cases" by Harirah, Sanniec, Yates, Harirah, and Thornton, which appears in the May 2021 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Volume 147 Issue 5.

Keywords: #PRSHotTopics; plastic surgery; hand surgery; ultrasound; cost; ultrasound machine; private practice; patient care; soft tissue injuries; benefit-cost ratio; hand surgeon; radiologist; imaging;
Creator: Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Duration: 3:00
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
In this video, Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Editor-in-Chief of " Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, " discusses recommendations from a panel of global nasal surgery experts on performing rhinoplasty safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the May 2021 PRS #PlasticSurgery article, " Rhinosurgery during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic: International Consensus Conference Statement on Preliminary Perioperative Safety Measures " by Haug, Lekakis, Bussi, Cerkes, Calvert, East, Gerbault, Gubisch, Heppt, Kamburoglu, Most, Oranges, Vavrina, Rohrich, and Robotti. Find it on

For consumer information on plastic surgery, and to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area visit 

Keywords: plastic surgery; COVID19; rhinoplasty; pandemic; infection; PPE; nasal cavity; covid; covid testing; nose surgery; surgery; patient safety; 2019
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Creator: Amy Moore
Duration: 1:18
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
This video displays how median to radial nerve transfers were performed on the right side. The patient demonstrates finger extension with independent index function, thumb extension, and wrist extension. From "Five reliable nerve transfers for the treatment of isolated upper extremity nerve injuries". May 2021 – 147 (5). CME.

Keywords: nerve transfer; Peripheral Nerve Injuries; radial neuropathy; ulnar neuropathy; median neuropathy; Sensation
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Creator: Kevin Chung
Duration: 00:55
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
This video demonstrates the screw fixation of the small finger intra-articular PIP condylar fracture. From “An evidence-based guide in managing phalangeal fractures”. May 2021 – 147 (5). CME.

Keywords: Phalangeal fracture;finger fracture;screw fixation;plate fixation;PIP fracture dislocation;K-wire fixation;
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Creator: Tassos Dionisopoulos MD, CM, FACS, FRCS(C)
Duration: 1:03
Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Video demonstrates the Pedicled Nipple-Areolar Complex. From "Skin-Reducing Mastectomy with Immediate Prepectoral Reconstruction: Surgical, Aesthetic, and Patient Reported Outcomes with and without Dermal Matrices". Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: May 2021 – 147(5).

Keywords: Wise Pattern; direct-to-implant; prepectoral; breast reconstruction; Muscle Sparing; skin-reducing; mastopexy mastectomy