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Video Collection: August 2010- PRS 126(2)- CME - Vascular Anomalies and Lymphedema

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  • Updated:   2/11/2022
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The related video for 126(2) CME article titled 'Vascular Anomalies and Lymphedema.' From the August 2010 PRS CME.

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Creator: Arun Gosain
Duration: 22:19
This video demonstrates the surgical treatment of patients who present with vascular anomalies and lymphedema. The cases illustrate 1) the management of a venous malformation of the lower extremity presenting with a mass and discomfort; 2) the management of a long-standing lymphatic-venous malformation of the head and neck presenting with recurrent facial deformity, drooling, and intermittent bleeding; 3) the management of lymphedema of the extremities using microsurgical lymphaticovenular anastomoses. From the “Vascular Anomalies and Lymphedema” CME, August 2010. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Keywords: Lymphedema; Vascular anomaly; Hemangioma; Management;