The Best of Joseph E. Murray, MD

Creator:   Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Updated:   12/5/2012
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PRS' Editor Emeritus, the late Robert Goldwyn, MD, realized the impact of Joseph E. Murray, MD in a 1991 editorial: " an attending surgeon in the dressing room one medical student say to the other: “Another of these dull kidney transplants I have to scrub on.” It was obviously a tribute to Dr. Murray and all who worked with him to have transformed a spectacular, unique event into the commonplace."

Dr. Murray, renowned Plastic Surgeon, Nobel Laureate and Pioneer of Organ Transplantation, passed away on November 26, 2012 at age 93.

We honor his memory by offering you this collection of articles spanning over 65 years. Herein you can read about his storied accomplishments, academic pursuits, surgical trials and his personal thoughts on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. You will also find the thoughts of those he impacted and influenced.

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.

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