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Articles by Evan Matros, M.D.

A 20-Year Experience with 202 Segmental Mandibulectomy Defects: A Defect Classification System, Algorithm for Flap Selection, and Surgical Outcomes

Cordeiro, Peter G.; Henderson, Peter W.; Matros, Evan

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 141(4):571e-581e, April 2018.

Health-Related Quality of Life following Reconstruction for Common Head and Neck Surgical Defects

Cohen, Wess A.; Albornoz, Claudia R.; Cordeiro, Peter G.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 138(6):1312-1320, December 2016.

Quality of Life and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Multicenter Comparison of Four Abdominally Based Autologous Reconstruction Methods

Macadam, Sheina A.; Zhong, Toni; Weichman, Katie; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 137(3):758-771, March 2016.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Breast Reconstruction Options in the Setting of Postmastectomy Radiotherapy Using the BREAST-Q

Razdan, Shantanu N.; Cordeiro, Peter G.; Albornoz, Claudia R.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 137(3):510e-517e, March 2016.

The Influence of Sociodemographic Factors and Hospital Characteristics on the Method of Breast Reconstruction, Including Microsurgery: A U.S. Population–Based Study

Albornoz, Claudia R.; Bach, Peter B.; Pusic, Andrea L.; More

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 129(5):1071-1079, May 2012.