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Monday, December 6, 2010

Articles of Interest Sneak Peek: "Migraine Surgery: A Plastic Surgery Solution for Refractory Migraine Headache"
At least twice a month, PRSonally Speaking posts full abstracts of interesting or potentially controversial articles from a future issue. This 'sneak preview' of a hot article is meant to give you some food for thought and provide you with topic for conversation among colleagues.
When the article is published in print, it will be Open Access for a period of Two Years, to help the conversation continue in the PRS community and beyond. So read the abstract, join the conversation and spread the word.
This week we present the abstract of "Migraine Surgery: A Plastic Surgery Solution for Refractory Migraine Headache" by Theodore A Kung, MD, Bahman Guyuron, MD and Paul S Cederna, MD.
Migraine headache can be a debilitating condition which confers a substantial burden to the affected individual as well as society.  Despite significant advancements in the medical management of this challenging disorder, clinical data has revealed a proportion of patients who do not adequately respond to pharmacologic intervention and remain symptomatic.  Recent insights into the pathogenesis of migraine headache argue against a central vasculogenic cause and substantiate a peripheral mechanism involving compressed craniofacial nerves.  Botulinum toxin injection is a relatively new treatment approach with demonstrated efficacy and supports a peripheral mechanism.  Patients who fail optimal medical management and experience amelioration of headache pain after injection of specific anatomic locations can be considered for subsequent surgery to decompress the entrapped peripheral nerves.  Migraine surgery is an exciting prospect for appropriately selected patients suffering from migraine headache and will continue to be a burgeoning field that is replete with investigative opportunities.
The full article will be published with the January 2011 issue of PRS, and will be free online for non-subscribers. Until then, we hope this "sneak peek" will pique your interests and start a healthy, meaningful conversation.