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Monday, December 30, 2013

PRS FREE: Free January Content
PRSonally Speaking invites you to discuss controversial or popular papers from the pages of PRS in these periodic blog posts. In order to open the conversation to the entire Plastic Surgery community, the hot topic articles featured as sneak peeks in PRSonally Speaking last month and the articles featured in press releases will be FREE for two months as a special promotion.
Help us get the word out by inviting non-subscriber colleagues, students and residents to read these FREE hot articles and share their comments below.

    We also feature short-term free articles throughout the month of January. Please read and discuss the following articles:

    Read, share and discuss these hot articles through the month of January and beyond, courtesy of PRS. Your thoughts, opinions and ideas are very important to the on-going conversation.

    In addition to reading the articles for free above, you can also watch the free video discussion:

    Patrick Sullivan, MD discusses the January Cosmetic article "Cessation of Hairline Recession following Open Forehead Rejuvenation" by Guyuron et al

    The free articles from the two most recent months, can always be readily found on the bottom of our homepage where you see the following logo: