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Thursday, October 24, 2013

App Review: Mersey Burns App
by Adrian Murphy
Mersey Burns is a free app for calculating burn area percentages, prescribing fluids using Parkland, background fluids and recording patients' details. It is designed for physicians and runs on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and HTML5 compatible browsers.
This app takes a really simple idea, the use of a Lund & Browder chart to estimate total body surface area of a burn, and uses that information to work out the fluid resuscitation needs.
On opening the app one sees a blank Lund & Browder chart which one shades in for full and partial thickness areas of burn. There are buttons to select for full or partial thickness, erase areas of shading, and to rotate to the posterior view.

Upon completing the area of burn one can input the patient’s age, weight, the time of the burn, and then select a 2ml, 3ml, or 4ml/hr/Kg/%TBSA resuscitation.
The app then calculates the required fluid resuscitation volumes and rates, and for children also calculates the required maintenance fluid requirements.

The app also generates a report which can be emailed for printing/filing purposes.