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Monday, May 13, 2013

Articles of Interest Sneak Peek: "Jaw in a Day": Total Maxillofacial Reconstruction using Digital Technology
At least twice a month, PRSonally Speaking posts full abstracts of interesting or potentially controversial articles from a future issue. This 'sneak preview' of a hot article is meant to give you some food for thought and provide you with topic for conversation among colleagues.
When the article is published in print with the June issue, it will be FREE for a period of Two Months, to help the conversation continue in the PRS community and beyond. So read the abstract, join the conversation and spread the word.
This week we present the introduction to "Jaw in a Day": Total Maxillofacial Reconstruction using Digital Technology" by Levine et al.
Background: Tumors of the mandible are complex, often requiring replacement of bone, soft tissue and teeth. The fibula flap has become a routine procedure in large tumors of the jaw, providing bone and soft tissue at the time of the resection. In current practice, dental reconstruction is delayed for 3-6 months leaving the patient without teeth in the interim. This can be disfiguring and anxiety provoking for the patient. In this article, our group presents three patients with benign tumors of the mandible who undergo virtually guided resection, fibula reconstruction, and insertion of an implant retained dental prosthesis in one operation. In addition, we report our early experience using this technique in the maxilla.

Methods/Results: We present a case series of 3 patients with benign mandibular tumors, and 1 patient with a benign maxillary tumor, who underwent total reconstruction using CAD/CAM
technology in a single stage.

Conclusion: In the right situation, total mandibular reconstruction is possible

Using nSequence, the authors were able to virtually
create the implant-retained prosthesis.

The full article will be published with the June 2013 issue of PRS, and will be free online for non-subscribers. Until then, we hope this "sneak peek" will pique your interests and start a healthy, meaningful conversation.