Stem Cells, Fat & Social Media: The August 2014 Issue of PRS with Rod J. Rohrich, MD

Video Author:Rod J. Rohrich, MD

Published on:July 24, 2014

Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Editor-in-Chief of "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery" discusses 3 articles on the trending topics of stem cells, fat transfers and social media. The first article looks at the potential benefits and concerns of stem cells in plastic surgery today. The next article reviews increasingly popular fat transfer procedures, and the final article discovers how social media can be used to link Plastic Surgeons to interested patients. Volume 134, Issue 2.

“The Role of Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?” by Longaker et al; "Improving Fat Transfer Viability: The Role of Aging, Body Mass Index, and Harvest Site" by Geissler et al; “Perceived Realism Attitudes and Twitter Use Are Associated with Increased Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery Attitudes among Those Watching Reality Television Cosmetic Surgery Programs” by Fogel et al.

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