Instructions for activating your online access to the new journal website : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Instructions for activating your online access to the new journal website

1. On the journal homepage — -- open the Account dropdown and click Activate Subscription. A user account is required in order to activate your access to full text content on the journal website.

2. Click Register with LWW for Free to create a username & password along with inputting a valid email address. Click ‘Continue’ when complete. You MUST follow the username and password tips displayed on the right

3. Enter your name and address. Click ‘Continue’ when finished. Note the required fields specified by red asterisks.

4. Fill out the optional demographic data, read and accept the End User License Agreement. Click ‘Complete Registration’ Note that you MUST accept the End User License Agreement in order to continue

5. Next, you will be instructed to check your email for your email address validation link.


6. The email will be from [email protected]. In the email, click the link to complete the registration.
7. Upon returning to the journal site, login with your newly created username and password


8. Click the first link on the next screen: “Yes! I am a subscriber and I want to activate my online subscription(s)”


9. Enter your ASPS member ID and select “I am a member of ASPS…” You can find your ID on upper right corner of the journal mailing label. It can also be acquired by contacting LWW customer service ([email protected]). Click “Activate” when done. (Non-members, select "I am NOT a member of ASPS. The number I've entered is my Subscriber ID." This number can be found on your journal mailing label.)


10. A window will inform you if your activation was successful. Click “Close Window” and return to the homepage of the journal. You will be logged in and able to access all content.



If you have any questions or challenges when registering your account, please contact the LWW Member Service center at (866) 489-0443 (in the US) or 301.223.2300 or via email at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you.