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Fall 2012 – Volume 130 – Supplement 5S-3

Updates in Aesthetic Surgery II

Pp: 1S–118S

Published November 2012




Foreword to the Updates in Aesthetic Surgery II: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Cosmetic Supplement
Rohrich, Rod J., M.D.




Essential Elements for Successful Rhinoplasty: Controlling the Convexity and Concavity of Nasal Cartilages, and Rib Cartilage Harvesting for Secondary Rhinoplasty
Gruber, Ronald P., M.D.


Original Articles

Changing the Convexity and Concavity of Nasal Cartilages and Cartilage Grafts with Horizontal Mattress Sutures: Part II. Clinical Results
Gruber, Ronald P., M.D.; Nahai, Farzad, M.D.; Bogdan, Michael A., M.D.; Friedman, Gary D., M.D.


Harvesting Rib Cartilage Grafts for Secondary Rhinoplasty
Marin, Vincent P., M.D.; Landecker, Alan, M.D.; Gunter, Jack P., M.D.




Improving Facial and Neck Rejuvenation Techniques: Key Anatomy and Technique Review
Guyuron, Bahman, M.D.


Original Articles

A 26-Year Experience with Vest-over-Pants Technique Platysmarrhaphy
Guyuron, Bahman, M.D.; Sadek, Eman Yahya, M.D.; Ahmadian, Rouzbeh, M.D.


The Tear Trough and Lid/Cheek Junction: Anatomy and Implications for Surgical Correction
Haddock, Nicholas T., M.D.; Saadeh, Pierre B., M.D.; Boutros, Sean, M.D.; Thorne, Charles H., M.D.




Optimizing Cosmetic Breast Augmentation
Hammond, Dennis C., M.D.


Original Articles

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation: Optimizing Implant–Soft-Tissue Relationships in a Wide Range of Breast Types
Tebbetts, John B., M.D.


Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Optimal Incision, Implant, and Pocket Plane
Hidalgo, David A., M.D.




Complication Avoidance and Management in Abdominoplasty: Patient Safety in Body Contouring Surgery
Matarasso, Alan, M.D.


Original Articles

Complication Rates of Lipoabdominoplasty versus Traditional Abdominoplasty in High-Risk Patients
Samra, Salem, M.D.; Sawh-Martinez, Rajendra, B.S.; Barry, Oliver, B.A.; Persing, John A., M.D.


Scarpa Fascia Preservation during Abdominoplasty: A Prospective Study
Costa-Ferreira, António, M.D.; Rebelo, Marco, M.D.; Vásconez, Luis O., M.D.; Amarante, Jose, M.D.




Facial Rejuvenation through Toxins and Fillers: Comparisons, Anatomy, and Nonsurgical Correction
Carruthers, Jean D. A., M.D.


Original Articles

Comparisons among Botulinum Toxins: An Evidence-Based Review
Klein, Arnold W., M.D.; Carruthers, Alastair, F.R.C.P.C.; Fagien, Steven, M.D.; Lowe, Nicholas J., M.D.


Anatomy and Nonsurgical Correction of the Tear Trough Deformity
Hirmand, Haideh, M.D.



From Plastic Surgery News: Over-the-Top Cosmetic Surgery Ads, Web Pages Draw Ethics Complaints
Leonardo, Jim


From Plastic Surgery News: On Legal Grounds: An End-of-the-Year Risk Management Check-Up
Reisman, Neal, M.D., J.D.