About the PRS Ed Board:

Editorial Board Members for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) will serve as either “Section Editors,” "Associate Editors,” “International Associate Editors,” or “Partner Society Associate Editors.” All have the same set of basic responsibilities.

"Associate Editors” and “International Associate Editors” are recommended for nomination by the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor based on reviewer performance. They are confirmed by the Managing Committee and then presented to the Editorial Board as a whole for confirmation. Finally, the editor is approved by the ASPS Board of Directors. Terms will last 4 years. At the end of the first term, depending upon willingness, performance as a reviewer, and the needs of the Journal, PRS Editorial Board Members may be re-elected to a second term of 4 years.

“Partner Society Associate Editors” are recommended by members of societies who partner with the ASPS as “MOU partners.” They are vetted by the Editor-in-Chief and the Co-Editor, nominated by the Managing Committee and then confirmed by the Editorial Board. Finally, the editor is approved by the ASPS Board of Directors. Terms will last 2 years. At the end of the first term, depending upon willingness, performance as a reviewer, and the needs of the Journal, PRS Partner Society Associate Editorial Board Members can be re-elected to a second term of 2 years.

“Section Editors,” "Associate Editors,” “International Associate Editors,” and “Partner Society Associate Editors” all have the same set of basic responsibilities:
• Continued excellence in reviewing articles for PRS (and PRS Global Open as well);
• Serve as peer reviewers for articles from specific global regions for regional perspective;
• Attendance at the Editorial Board meetings, held at the ASPS Annual Meeting;
• Participation in Ad Hoc Committees which conduct studies and implement new initiatives for the Journal;
• Become a “PRS” ambassador: read articles at PRSJournal.com or via our iPad app and share articles via social networks, promote the Journal, participate in special contests and interactive events on the website.
• General advocacy of the Journal and its sister publication, PRS Global Open
• Provide assistance with special projects upon request, such as building collections, generating article topics, soliciting articles, serving on supplements as Guest Editors or reviewers;
• Download the PRS iPad app- no log-in is necessary for either destination;
• Consider submitting manuscripts to PRS;
• Potentially serve as a guest at Managing Committee or Strategic Planning Meetings, if requested
• Fill out ASPS Conflict of Interest Disclosure form on an annual basis


“Section Editors” have expanded responsibilities:
• Serve as CHIEF peer reviewer for respective sections (increased reviewing work load)
• Willingness to be called upon for additional extra projects based upon the section and the needs of the Journal
• Serve as an associate editor on PRS’s sister publication, PRS Global Open.
• Attendance of the annual Strategic Planning meeting
• Serve on the Managing Committee, which manages both PRS and its sister publication, PRS Global Open; Attend the Annual Managing Committee Meeting for the Journal held at the ASPS Annual Meeting;
• Timely response to the Editorial Office (<48 hours) for Summary Reviews and Tie-Breaker Reviews.
• Preview the controversial/challenging submissions sent to the Journal that pertain to their section. They will not be expected to preview all of the manuscripts sent that pertain to their section—Dr. Rohrich will send only the controversial or challenging papers. The Section Editors will then review papers and determine if they should be reviewed at all (or summarily rejected). If they should be reviewed, they can suggest potential reviewers for the papers. (Section Editors will probably review fewer papers than they currently do, but are asked to preview papers and provide potential reviewers to the Editor.)
• Generate lists of articles to solicit in specific section based upon request
• Assist the Editor and Co-Editor to review TOCs of potential supplements that pertain to their sections; help think of potential sponsors for supplements that pertain to their sections upon request
• Potentially participate on quarterly or intermittent conference calls in relation to the Journal Managing Committee


Resident Ambassadors:
Resident Ambassadors to the PRS Editorial Board are selected based participation in Resident-facing programs, including peer review, video discussions, blogging, and building and maintenance of the PRSJournal.com Residents’ Gateway. Nominees from the PRS Editorial Board, collected between February 1 and March 1 each year, inform ultimate nominees. Resident Ambassadors serve for 1 year, with an option for a 1-year renewal of service.
• Serve as a frequent blogger for “PRS Resident Chronicles”
• Inform Resident community of advances in PRS taken to improve Resident experience.
• Help create and update Resident-specific content and framework on PRSJournal.com
• Including but not limited to creating and maintaining any Resident-specific article collections
• Represent the will and opinion of all PS Residents, as best able
• Read and review Resident survey data in order to complete this task
• Serve as peer reviewers on any resident-specific PRS submissions
• Attend annual Strategic Planning Meeting and/or Editorial Board meeting as a representative voice for the resident community
• Inform Editor-in-Chief of nominations for future Resident ambassadors
• Provide feedback on resident-facing initiatives
• Serve as an ambassador for PRS initiatives, promoting PRS and affiliated products where possible.