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Purnell, Chad A. M.D.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: August 2019 - Volume 144 - Issue 2 - p 537
doi: 10.1097/PRS.0000000000005887
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Arun K. Gosain, M.D.

Review Editor

Developing your own library of plastic surgery books can be an expensive process. When in residency, we have access to an online library of books from our academic institutions, but once in practice, we are limited to the books in our own collections. The Thieme MedOne Plastic Surgery platform attempts to bridge this gap: it is a novel online platform that aims to provide a library of book, journal, and video content that can be accessed and used anywhere for a subscription fee. At the simplest level, MedOne gives access to all of the plastic surgery titles in Thieme’s textbook collection (142 books and seven e-journals currently), and allows you to search and access these from any device, both on- and off-line. However, it is evident that they have endeavored to make the platform more than just a simple online library through some excellent value-added features.

On the home page of MedOne, you are given multiple methods to access your content. You can look through the books as at a library, select the book, and then look through its table of contents. There is a very useful option to search the library by procedure, which takes you to a dedicated collection of book chapters and videos that describe anatomy, technique, complications, step-by-step instructions, and videos for your procedure of interest. Although the list of operations is not comprehensive (nearly 200 so far), all of the more commonly performed techniques in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery are included. You can also select content by several dozen distinguished plastic surgeons who have authored video content for Thieme. If you find one master surgeon whose technique or educational style you love, you can find all of their videos in this section. Other sections round out the content, including the ability to create practice tests and review sessions from a question bank, perform a dedicated video or image search, and create or view playlists of content.

Realistically, an online library is only as good as the range of content it provides, and I was quite impressed by the books available on MedOne. Thieme includes their wide variety of books on all topics across plastic surgery, from acute burn to facial aesthetic surgery. I was able to find chapters on pretty much any topic I could come up with, regardless of how exotic. There are videos available for most topics as well, with over 2000 on the site already. Thieme publishes 12 to 15 new titles within plastic surgery yearly, and these (and their associated images and videos) are uploaded to the site before print.

The site also has universal access across platforms: you can easily access all of the same content through your smartphone (Android or iPhone), tablet, or computer. On mobile devices, you can download content so it can be used offline. Chapters can even be downloaded as PDF files and printed. Your favorites are saved, so you can easily access your most commonly used materials from the home page. Cross-platform integration is relatively seamless, although I found search to be a bit less intuitive on my mobile device.

Overall, I feel that two distinct groups would benefit most from MedOne: (1) surgeons early in practice or trainees who can use it for comprehensive preparation for cases or studying for boards, and (2) surgeons in private or hospital-based practice who do not have access to a comprehensive online library but want a dynamic, up-to-date learning tool. Importantly, Thieme has plans to continue to expand the platform; thus, its value should improve with time and allow you to stay current. A subscription to MedOne costs $1575.00 annually.

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