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The Newest Apps from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—PRS GO and Plastic Surgery Complete

The Clinical Masters of PRS

Rohrich, Rod J. M.D.; Weinstein, Aaron M.S.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: January 2014 - Volume 133 - Issue 1 - p 195-197
doi: 10.1097/01.prs.0000438443.47906.fe
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Denver, September 23, 2011: I took to the stage at Plastic Surgery The Meeting to announce the release of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the iPad. I recall thinking, “The future is now; the next stage in the evolution of publishing is here.” Time has proven me right. In the 2 years since, I have eagerly adopted this new technology, and I cannot wait to experience each new issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in what I feel is its truest form: the familiarity of print coupled with the multimedia enhancements of the Web. I hear anecdotes from friends and strangers alike that, although they consider themselves Luddites, they can no longer fathom reading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery the “old fashioned way” anymore. The usage numbers for our Journal’s app reinforce this tale of fast, easy, and far-reaching adoption: the app itself has been downloaded more than 25,000 times, more than 21,000 issues of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have been downloaded on the app in 2013, and there are over 3700 unique visitors to the app every month. Do not fret, though. The success of the app does not mean that print is going away, but it does prove that the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery experience on the app is going everywhere!

As I stood presenting this new device for reading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2 years ago, I also recall wondering “What’s next? What can we do to top this?” A lot has transpired since then, and a lot has happened with your Journal. The world has continued to get smaller, aided by the unstoppable spread of smart phones and handheld tablets. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery family of resources, on the other hand, has grown much bigger:

  • We launched our sister publication, P lastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Global Open (PRS GO) in April of 2013 as an online-only publication and it is now available as an iPad app as well.
  • We launched Plastic Surgery Complete: The Clinical Masters of PRS app with the first comprehensive topical edition— Cosmetic—which debuted in October of 2013.

Each offers a very different look into the world of plastic surgery, for different purposes and audiences, and they are both already making a big splash in the digital world among plastic surgeons. After the launch of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery app, I wondered “What’s next for the Journal?” These two new members of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery family have answered my question. Both are now available in the Apple store for your iPad or iPad mini, in addition to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

PRS GO on the go: PRS Global Open for the iPad

PRS GO is still a young journal, but it is already showing many signs of success. We have received submissions from 21 nations across six continents, with a majority of articles—more than 60 percent—coming from outside the United States. As you can tell from these statistics, the journal’s name, and composition of our Editorial Board, one of the primary goals of PRS GO is to present plastic surgery literature on a global scale. True, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is heavily international as well, and we are very proud of the global representation in both the readership and authorship of the White Journal, but with subscription prices standing as a potential barrier to access for those in developing nations—or those in our own country without a lot of disposable income— Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is by virtue of its publication model closed off to much of the world. This is the opportunity and promise of PRS GO. Through the open access model of publication, the authors or funding bodies pay for an “article processing charge.” In return, the author retains copyright of his or her content, and the article is free to be read by anyone with an Internet connection. PRS GO boasts the same high level of critical, unbiased, and timely peer review as its sister publication, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and through the peer-review process, global juries of peers evaluate the submissions to PRS GO and advise me on my ultimate decision in the editorial process. Those articles that are published have many important markers for quality that our peer reviewers are trained to check for; and our reviewers’ calls for revisions help improve all submitted articles. Simply type “” into a Web browser, and this peer-reviewed content is openly available to be read by anyone world over, from the academician in Iran or the private practice surgeon in South Korea, to the physician’s assistant in Philadelphia, or the medical student in Peru.

Thanks to the new iPad app for PRS GO (Fig. 1), we are proud to announce that the open content in our new journal can be spread across the world even more. The app is free, and the “compendia” are freely available for download at the top of each month. Because of the loosened timelines for an all-electronic journal, PRS GO articles are published on a continual basis—as quickly as 7 weeks after acceptance. There are no issues, per se, as you would see in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, but at the end of each month, we group all articles published within that month into a compendium and make that bundle of articles available for download on the app. So, in early March, you will be able to read through all of the articles published online in February on your iPad.

Fig. 1
Fig. 1:
The PRS GO app for the iPad.

For reading the most recent articles, research or browsing through multiple compendia, users should explore But the beauty of the app is that it creates a print-like experience where there had previously been none. The PRS GO app is the best—and only—way to read our new global journal from “cover to cover” and allow for “serendipitous discovery” of content just by flipping through the app. All of the bells and whistles that you love about the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery app are present in the PRS GO app: pinch-and-zoom, social sharing, embedded videos, unique navigation tools, and the ability to archive. The best feature of the PRS GO app for me, however, is Internet-independent reading, which is quite an accomplishment for an online-only journal. Now, with the app in hand, once you’ve downloaded a compendium, you can enjoy PRS GO on the plane, on a road trip—without a computer or Internet connection. The iPad app is truly the best way to read PRS GO on the go, wherever you may find yourself. “Where will GO take you?” We’ve been asking this question for quite a while, but with the PRS GO app in play, it takes on even more meaning. With the PRS GO app for the iPad, we can also ask, “Where will you take GO?”


We have also recently launched the most up-to-date, expert-level, interactive “book” in cosmetic plastic surgery with our Clinical Masters app (Fig. 2). To create this app, we have combed our substantial backlist for some of the most landmark studies, cutting-edge CME articles, and some of the best, topical lecture and surgery videos from the Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery. We have organized this content into seven topic areas:

Fig. 2
Fig. 2:
The Clinical Masters of PRS Cosmetic app for the iPad.
  • Blepharoplasty/brow lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Face lift
  • Cosmetic medicine: facial resurfacing and injectables
  • Breast augmentation
  • Body contouring
  • Safe management of anesthesia, sedation, and pain

These seven topic areas—all replete with articles, CMEs, and videos from the experts in the field—have been bundled together and published as an exclusive app for the iPad. If you are looking for a conveniently culled collection of the best-of-the-best articles in cosmetic surgery, you may want to purchase this app. If you are a subscriber to the Journal, you already have access to all of these articles and Baker Gordon Videos through our Web site, However, this is the first time that most of this content has been made available for the iPad.

The ideal reader for this thorough book is the nonsubscriber who may either be a student, in private practice, or practicing plastic surgery abroad. The PRS Clinical Masters may be the best study guide or primer for cosmetic surgery on the market today. Be sure to spread the word to your international colleagues, students, and residents—the Clinical Masters of Cosmetic Surgery app may become your most recommended—or even required—reading!

At more than 450 pages, PRS Clinical Masters: Cosmetic features 36 articles by experts in the field including David Hidalgo, William Adams, Jr., and James Stuzin; and 30-plus in-line videos and embedded links to more than 15 Baker Gordon videos featuring Ivo Pitanguy, Dennis Hammond, and Osvaldo Saldanha. The Cosmetic edition, which costs $119.00, is a very economical way to gain access to much of the best literature and videos on these cosmetic topics by worldwide and world-renowned surgeons.

We will soon be offering additional editions for the Clinical Masters of Plastic Surgery app on breast, hand, and head and neck reconstruction. With these multimedia, expert-level compendia available for your iPad, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is truly converting its archive of knowledge into a dynamic, tactile, and exciting living library—a true masterpiece in the plastic surgery literature. Join the masters today from the comfort of your home or office with the Clinical Masters of Plastic Surgery app.


As you know, the days of lugging around volumes of books or bundles of journals are long gone. As I kept telling myself when we launched the iPad app for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2011, the future is, indeed, now. On a device smaller than a laptop and thinner than most books, you can carry with you an encyclopedic, multimedia textbook on cosmetic surgery, get the newest articles from the open access movement of global plastic surgery, and read the latest issue of the number one journal in plastic surgery. So grab your iPad or iPad mini, charge it to 100 percent, and start reading, watching, and learning the best content from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery family of resources.

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